Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Nice Thai Asshole With a Dark Pigmented Ring

This photo reminded me of a conversation I had with a blogosphere whore I pimp Amy(LamBi)Ne. Amy has started a new blog called Hot Asian Amy's Nectar where she is presently posting nice photos of nectar rich and fragrant flowers. I told her that there was something I liked about but I could not actually put my finger on it.

However, after looking at these nice Thai assholes the association with flowers becomes clear. The dark patch is like the center of a flower luring bees to by sight and scent to the sweet flowing nectar - just like my cock and tongue.

You can check out the full gallery of Kwang [here]


  1. Dear Jo, my dear Pimp,

    You pbbly figured out I like dark pigmented cocks, asses, cunts, nipples and even flesh. I wasn't like this before. Could it be for all the BBCs that pleasured me so much that I developed a fondness of dark pigmented body parts?

    Thank you so much for pimping me - I wish you'd fuck me more often!

    -Your whore Amy

  2. My dear Amy

    Yes, I think you have been fucked so well by big black cocks that your fondness for dark pigmented body parts is now forming into an obsession - an obsession, I must add, that as your pimp I insist that you continue to indulge in.

    I will fuck you more often if you will continue to allow me to suck your tongue.