Friday, March 12, 2010

Tailynn's Cute Thai Asshole

This very nice asshole belongs to Tailynn Lamai. There is a lot of talk around that Tailynn is a Thai fashion super model. Although I have never seen her mentioned in the Thai press. If anyone has some links to her fashion work then please let me know. My thinking is that having her own porn site would exclude her from main stream modelling work. However, there is no argument about Tailynn's ability to work the camera and her site is full of some very sexy and seductive photo sets and videos.

I like Tailynn's ass and would love to lick it clean. The little folds of skin are very alluring and would give a little resistance to the tip of my tongue. I bet that working the skin folds would tickle her a little and add to her enjoyment. Her puffy cunt would definitely require some attention to. Her thick dark labia majora need to be prised apart a little, my saliva mixed with Tailynn's cunt juice would make her labia glisten perfectly.

You can check out Taliynn's siteand judge the quality of her asshole yourself [here]

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