Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nice Tight Thai Asshole

This nice is a nice tight asshole. I love the sight and feel of a asshole that is clenched around my cock. Although, I think that i would have trouble sliding my cock inside this asshole as it looks a bit tense. I think that it is really calling out for a hot, wet tongue to go to work on it and relax her sphincter. Then I would slide in easily.

Like a lot of Asians this girl does not have a lot of body hair. And what she does have is trimmed into a pleasant V shape. They tell me that she has a naturally bald Asian asian asshole and has never shaved in her life. Would you believe that? Do you think she shaves the hair away from her asshole? Or perhaps pluck (ouch)? Or wax?

Photos courtesy of Asian Suck Dolls

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