Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whore Amy's nice asshole gets filled with a chocolate stick!

I'm sure that everybody is familiar with Whore Amy and the dairy that she keeps on BurdelPaprika that documents all of the sluttish activities that she gets up to with her very horny and well endowed fuck buddies. I was commenting on a post in Amy's dairy when for some unexplained reason the topic changed to objects being inserted into nice assholes.

Before I know it my dear Amy had posted a series of photos that depict a string of anal beads, about the same size of golf balls, being extracted from Amy's sweet ass. I can not wait for her to blog about that experience! I asked Amy if I could have some photos of her nice asshole to post on this blog and, just like the sweet accommodating dirty whore that she is, these two beautiful photographs of Amy's asshole and a very long black cock appeared in my mail box!

Well, after masturbating over the photographs, first thinking about burring my tongue deep into Amy's gaping fuck hole and then sucking the tasty cream from the stunning chocolate stick I have decided it is time to share my good fortune with you all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yuki Asami has a nice tight chocolate box!

Yuki is a hot up and coming Japanese AV star and the chatter on the net about her is that they reckon that she likes to dress as a school girl when she goes out out clubbing. They also say that threesomes are her thing and this scene is no exception to the rule. Hers she is experiencing a close visual inspection before all the sucking and fucking begins. I cant see any thing wrong can you? I love her ass hole all tightly puckered in anticipation of what is to come.

There is a whole pile of stills taken from scenes in Yuki's latest video available [here]. They are well worth a look.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tailynn's Cute Thai Asshole

This very nice asshole belongs to Tailynn Lamai. There is a lot of talk around that Tailynn is a Thai fashion super model. Although I have never seen her mentioned in the Thai press. If anyone has some links to her fashion work then please let me know. My thinking is that having her own porn site would exclude her from main stream modelling work. However, there is no argument about Tailynn's ability to work the camera and her site is full of some very sexy and seductive photo sets and videos.

I like Tailynn's ass and would love to lick it clean. The little folds of skin are very alluring and would give a little resistance to the tip of my tongue. I bet that working the skin folds would tickle her a little and add to her enjoyment. Her puffy cunt would definitely require some attention to. Her thick dark labia majora need to be prised apart a little, my saliva mixed with Tailynn's cunt juice would make her labia glisten perfectly.

You can check out Taliynn's siteand judge the quality of her asshole yourself [here]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nice Japanese Asshole needs to be Fucked

I came across this nice hairy asshole today. I think it belongs to Japanese AV star Yuu Amamiya, but I cant be real sure. If anybody recognises this cunt please let me know. It is nice to see a light ring of fur around her puckered hole. It would tickle my nose a little bit as I rimmed Yuu's hole. I would like that.

The full gallery is available [here].

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tight Japanese Asshole about to be Licked

This nice puckered Japanese asshole belongs to Miki Uehara. As you can see Miki is enjoying getting her cunt licked and her tight asshole is beginning to relax and gape a bit. I think this is in anticipation of getting her asshole rimmed. Dont you?

The full gallery of Miki being fucked in her fairy costume is available [here]. There is some nice photos of Miki's creampied cunt too!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nice Tight Thai Asshole

This nice is a nice tight asshole. I love the sight and feel of a asshole that is clenched around my cock. Although, I think that i would have trouble sliding my cock inside this asshole as it looks a bit tense. I think that it is really calling out for a hot, wet tongue to go to work on it and relax her sphincter. Then I would slide in easily.

Like a lot of Asians this girl does not have a lot of body hair. And what she does have is trimmed into a pleasant V shape. They tell me that she has a naturally bald Asian asian asshole and has never shaved in her life. Would you believe that? Do you think she shaves the hair away from her asshole? Or perhaps pluck (ouch)? Or wax?

Photos courtesy of Asian Suck Dolls